Hey! Hope you all are doing well and good. This article is about the difference between two headgears, one is a gaming headset, and the other is headphones.

There are various factors through which we can differentiate between a gaming headset and a headphone. The most simple one is that a gaming headset is a headgear that comes with a microphone and the headphone is just a headphone without any microphone attached to it.

So the main question arises whether I should get a gaming headset with a microphone or a gaming headphone with a separate microphone? Well, that depends on you.

But I hope, after reading this detailed article, you’ll be able to decide which one is better for you.

Gaming Headset


Representation of a Gaming Headset
Representation of a Gaming Headset


Starting with gaming headsets, As mentioned before the main difference between gaming headphones and headsets is that it comes with an attached microphone. However, there are a few things you’ll have to compromise on to value its price.

Pros & Cons

  • Good Looks
  • Good at Positional accuracy
  • Comes with a Microphone
  • Gives a good feel to the game
  • Sound quality is compromised


Now let’s talk about the sound quality that a gaming headset gives. It can depend upon the price of the headset, but I will cover all the significant general differences.

A gaming headset is made after keeping all the gaming needs in mind. This means a gaming headset is made to give you good positional accuracy. So that it could be made more comfortable for you to locate the source of the audio, it helps a lot in the competitive gaming experience, especially in FPS games. That’s all because most of the gaming headsets feature a surround sound capability.

At the same time, a gaming headset pays more attention to the amount and strength of different sound levels to give an immersive in-game feel and gaming experience.

However, The overall quality of the audio produced by a gaming headset is not that good as compared to a simple headphone for the same price. Because with a headset you are also getting all the fancy looks and the microphone.


There is not much to talk about the design of any gaming headset, because it is self-evident how they are going to look.

In terms of design, A gaming headset features good gamer-type looks. Most of the gaming headsets can match with any Gaming Platform Build because they are made that way to look good with your gaming setup. They come with RGB LEDs to look good (Depends on the headset).


Things To Check Before Choosing a Gaming Headset

There are few things that a gaming headset must have that you should consider checking before choosing one for you. Everybody wants good value for their price, and so should you. The following are the few things you should keep in mind before choosing a gaming headset.

  • Sound Quality
  • Design
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Microphone

Sound Quality

Check the sound quality of a gaming headset before buying. Ask yourself some questions first. Does it satisfy its price? Is the price to quality ratio reasonable?

Excellent sound quality is a must for a gamer because it can affect your gaming experience immensely. Check if the sound has excellent details, Bass (if you need), Treble, and pleasant sound stage.

Surround Sound or Stereo Sound is almost a must in a gaming headset. It can help you locate your opponents in your online games, resulting in better gameplay.


The gaming headset should look good in terms of design. Keep in mind that a gaming headset should suit your gaming setup.


Well, Durability is a must in every headphone, whether it comes with a microphone or not. A headphone must be durable so that it can last long with you.


Comfort in a gaming headset is a must for a gamer. Because most of the players play games for hours and if a headset is not comfortable, then it can be a problem, and it can also affect your gameplay.

You should check that before that how many hours at the most that you play games, and how many hours can you wear an individual headset with any discomfort.


If you are choosing a gaming headset, then you shouldn’t compromise on the microphone quality. Keep in mind that whether the Mic satisfies its price or not?

Because if you are planning to use the microphone attached to the headphone, then its capture quality should be good enough for at least communicating in-games.


A gaming headset should satisfy all the above needs according to its price. You should check if the headset gives good quality to price ratio or not.

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Simple Headphone


Representation of a Simple Headphone
Representation of a Simple Headphone


Simple headphones are just simple xD. That’s just a joke.

Simple headphones come without any attached microphone, so if you are planning on getting a headphone for gaming, then you should pair them with a good microphone.

And to make it clear, the headphone can be used for gaming, and most pro gamers and streamers prefer them for their gaming.

The following are the few things that differentiate headphones with gaming headsets.

Pros & Cons

  • Good Sound Quality
  • Good at Comfort and Durability
  • Versatile
  • Decent Looking
  • No Microphone


The sole purpose of headphones is to give immersive sound quality. There are various fields in which headphones are used, Such as Audio Mixing, Audio Producing, or just simply listening to music.

So the headphone manufacturers keep in mind to give good sound quality to satisfy its price. Know that unlike headsets, you are not paying for all those fancy looks. You are paying for excellent sound quality and build quality. So a good headphone can give a better sound quality than the gaming headset for the same price.

However, you’ll have to compromise on the positional accuracy of the sound sometimes.

A headphone can give an excellent natural sound, With good Lows, Mids, and High, a decent amount of Bass and Treble depending upon the headphone. The sound in headphones, in general, is detailed neat, and cleaned as compared to a headset at the same price.


Headphone manufacturers do not put much effort and budget into looks. However, there are many headphones out there that can easily stand with your gaming setup and look good. Headphones have their level of decency in terms of design.

They do not have fancy looks like gaming headphones; instead, they have a decent, neat, and clean look.

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Things To Check Before Choosing a Simple Headphone

There are a few things that you should consider checking before buying a headphone if you are planning to use it for gaming.

  • Sound Quality
  • Design
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Cost

Sound Quality

Before choosing a headphone for gaming, you should check its sound quality, especially in the case of headphones. Because you are not paying for microphone or gamer-type looks, therefore, the sound quality should be excellent according to its price.

The price to sound quality ratio should be good.


Even though the main factor for a headphone is not its design, but you should check if the headphone has an excellent and decent design. A headphone for gaming should suit your gaming setup.

Most of the headphones have a good and decent look and can stand out with many gaming setups, So you shouldn’t worry that much.


In both cases (Gaming Headsets and Headphones), the set must be durable so that it can last long with you without breaking or any other technical issues.


A headphone must be comfortable. If you can’t wear a headphone for an extended period, then there is no point in getting one. A headphone must be able to give you quality comfort for an extended period so that you can continue your work without any discomfort.

However, you should not wear headphones for a long time because it can affect you. And it can cause hearing loss problems.


A headphone must be able to satisfy its price. The price to quality ratio should be reasonable.

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Inforgraphic to show difference between Gaming headsets vs Headphones
Infographic to show the difference between Gaming headsets vs Headphones

FAQs Regarding Gaming Headsets vs Headphones

Q1. Should I get a gaming headset or headphones for gaming?

A1. It depends on you and your budget.

Q2. Can I switch to Headphones from the gaming headset for gaming?

A2. Yes! You can. You will get a more detailed and reasonable sound quality. Just pair them with a good microphone, and you are good to go.

Q3. Which one is better, Headphone, or Gaming Headset?

A3. Both of them have their PROs and CONs.


In conclusion, I would say that both headphones and gaming headsets have their PROs and CONs. It is up to you to decide which one suits you best.

You can choose a headphone and pair them with a good microphone, and you are very much good to go. Or you can get a gaming headset with a good microphone. Again it’s totally up to you.

I hope this article is helpful for you and by now you can choose a headgear for you. If you think there is any problem with this article, please tell me, I’m all open to feedback.



Simon here is an audiophile that loves to try out new audio equipment and loves to listen to different genres of music. Being an active student of Audio Electronics, He is more than capable of discussing different elements of headphones. A Powerful Music Can Change The Tone Of Your Heart, That Is The Real Power Of Music.


  1. If you are looking for greater sound quality in your budget then go for headphones. And if you want them for gaming and you don’t have a separate microphone, then go for headset….
    For me headphones works the best, I’m using a separate Mic for my meetings, calls, and games.

    • That’s a great choice. For maximum quality, you should get a separate microphone with a headphone. Otherwise, A headset can do a pretty decent job as well.
      However, you’ll have to choose headphones very carefully. Check whether they are good at positional accuracy or not etc. As it will greatly help and impact your games (For Gamers)

  2. The material used for the headband cushion, as well as the amount of cushioning used, can make a huge difference in how comfortable a gaming headset is to wear. Case in point, thicker cushioning can help relieve some of the pressure that comes with wearing the headset, which is especially useful for heavier gaming headsets.

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