About This Platform

We are a set of audiophiles on a mission to help our audience expand their knowledge of audio equipment and understanding.

We try our best to stay relevant with the latest technology and be authentic with our audience. In addition, your genuine reviews on our platform will be significantly appreciated.

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity
    Our first and primary principle is to stay honest and authentic with our audience. We try to meet their expectations and honor their values.
  2. Passion
    Passion is an essential requirement of being an audiophile. That is why we value passion, progress, and timely delivery from our staff.
  3. Adaption
    The audio equipment industry changes day by day. We try to stay updated and relevant with the new technology and try to adapt it.
  4. Value Over Profit
    This platform does thrive to increase profit. However, we try our best to value our audience over profits.
A Girl Wearing Headphones
That’s the thing: when I listen on public transport, my headphones act as a separator – a wired barrier between me and the nearest people. Yet my podcasts drag me through the depths of human nature. – Sara Pascoe/ Brainyqote.com

Meet Our Amazing Team

We’re a talented group of creative individuals interested in music, design, audio equipment, mixing, and every niche in between.

A Vector Art for Simon Adams

Simon Adams

Founder & Owner

Simon here is an audiophile that loves to try out new audio equipment and loves to listen to different genres of music. Being an active student of Audio Electronics, He is more than capable of discussing different elements of headphones.

A Vector Art for Scarlett Martin

Scarlett Martin

Manager – Content Writer

Scarlett Martin is an MSc Degree holder in Digital Audio Engineering. She has worked for well-reputed audio giants. In addition, she has been an audiophile all her life, making her a valuable addition to our staff.

A Vector Art for Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson

Marketing Manager

Paul here is an SEO expert and Digital Marketer. He has been a valuable member of the staff from the early days. His skills and experience is a helpful asset to our platform.

A Vector Art for Emma Lopez

Emma Lopez

Graphic Designer

Emma is working as a graphic designer on our platform. Her designing skills and fantastic creativity make her a valuable member of our staff. Every graphic designing related thing found on this website is her creativity.

A Vector Art for Jason Smith

Michael Brown


Michael has been an audiophile since his early days. He has knowledge and experience, which qualifies him to test the products for our platform. He is also responsible for testing the content for authenticity.

A Vector Art for Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Content Writer

Jason has impressive knowledge and experience working with a team and writing excellent tech and audio niches content. He is a new member of our staff. But, we are optimistic, his skills will prove helpful.

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