What is White Noise: Its Benefits & Effects

by Scarlett Martin

If you're looking for a way to fall asleep more quickly, then white noise might be the answer. White noise can block out any unwanted sound that may distract or wake you up at night, and it's been proven to have many other benefits as well.

This blog post will talk about white noise and how it works for sleepers of all different types.

What is White Noise?

 What is White Noise?
What is White Noise?

White noise is a sound similar to the hum or static you might hear between radio stations, but there are many other examples. For example, traffic sounds, running water in your bathroom sink, and even an oscillating fan are all considered forms of white noise because they provide ambient background sound without any distinct melodies. Sometimes people choose specific audio recordings for their white noise machines (we'll get into those later), but artificial sources like these work just as well.

Any sound that provides a light and calm experience to the listener and allows them to have a mentally pleasing experience is white noise.

White Noise for Sleeping

White Noise For Sleeping
White Noise For Sleeping

There are quite a few benefits offered by using a sleep machine with white noise features each night. For example, if you're having trouble falling asleep at night or staying asleep throughout the entire duration, then this could help improve both of those issues.

Staying asleep is more important than you might think it is, and if your nighttime routine is too loud or disruptive to the point where it wakes you up multiple times throughout the night, this can be problematic for many people. On top of that, white noise has also been shown to help improve mood, which means that not only will you feel better during the day because of improved sleep, but there's a good chance that your happiness levels may go up as well. This combination makes dealing with stress easier and increases overall life satisfaction in general.

White Noise for Babies

A Baby Sleeping
A Baby Sleeping

Parents who are struggling with their newborn babies sleeping through the night without interruption could also benefit from white noise. Newborns usually sleep pretty well, but there's a chance that they may start to stir and even wake themselves up as they get older if you don't establish good habits early on.

The best way to do this is by using a sound machine in your baby's room at nighttime to playback calming sounds like rain or other ambient noises rather than harsh beeping alarms or loud music (especially since those songs aren't great for children anyways). You'll probably notice an improvement within just one week of doing this.

Note: However, I recommend you seek assistance from your local doctor before implementing these things.

White Noise While Working

Working With A Tea
Working With A Tea

Even if you're not struggling to sleep at night, white noise can still help improve your life. Whether working or studying, using a sound machine during the day could make everything more productive and comfortable for everyone involved (especially since it helps drown out any loud distractions).

Well-known research studies have shown that people who use ambient background sounds like rainfall or other natural noises tend to be less stressed and anxious than those who don't. This means they also need fewer breaks throughout the day as well. Not only will this work better by allowing them to stay focused on their tasks, but these productivity increases mean that they'll get done faster too.

You can do other interesting things while listening to music as well.

White Noise for Travel

Travelling On A Train
Travelling On A Train

On top of that, white noise can also be helpful for people who travel often. Whether you're on a plane or in your hotel room at night (or even during the day), this could make everything more relaxing and comfortable, which is perfect if you need to get some work done but don't want to feel stressed out about it. This has been shown to help ease symptoms related to anxiety, too, since many find themselves feeling less anxious when they're not around loud noises like construction equipment outside their window while traveling.

How Does White Noise Trains Our Brain to Relax?

By now, you're probably thinking that white noise is something worth considering if you want to sleep better or improve your productivity. However, it's still essential for us to understand why this works so well before taking the time and effort needed to implement these things into our daily lives.

White noise essentially tricks your mind into calming down because of how similar it appears to be compared with pure silence. Since there are no other distractions during this process (especially ones that could lead us towards feeling anxious), our brains wind up relaxing more than they would otherwise without any outside influences getting in the way. This process helps our brain to get a habit of relaxing.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding White Noise

Is White Noise Safe?

Though it shouldn't be used in place of a regular sound machine, white noise is generally considered safe for adults and children alike. Just make sure you're using the correct volume when attempting to mask sounds that could lead to anxiety or stress levels while traveling or working.

Is White Noise suitable for babies?

Yes, white noise is suitable for babies. White noise can be used to help infants sleep longer and more comfortably by blocking out other sounds that could wake them up throughout the night (like a fussy older sibling or your snoring).

Is there such thing as "too much Ambient Noise"?

While it's possible to have too much of anything regarding health concerns, you should not experience any problems related to listening closely for an extended time while using ambient background sound like rainfall. As long as volume levels are kept at appropriate levels to block out distractions that might lead towards stress or anxiety over time, though, you won't need to worry about doing damage with this type of masking technique either.


It's no coincidence that white noise is often used in hospitals and other medical settings. The sound of a whirring fan or running water can be soothing, even when the sounds are not entirely pleasant to listen to. With headphones on at home or work, you can get similar benefits by listening to your favorite podcast while drowning out distracting background noises with white noise. If you don't have access to these things? Just turn up the volume.

White noise is a sound that contains all frequencies within the audible spectrum. This means it should have no specific tonal quality but instead be equally loud across all frequency ranges. The benefit of white noise is its ability to mask unwanted sounds and provide an overall calming effect for sleepers or those who are hypersensitive to external stimuli like your cat's meow or morning traffic outside your window.


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