I was just lying on my sofa for the past few hours while listening to music. And, I was wondering, I could have done a lot of things while enjoying the music. After boggling my mind for a while, I concluded that there are quite a few undone things in our lives that get troubling when they pile up.
So, the best way to complete those tasks is to do them while listening to music.

Listening to music is something that many of us do daily. When you listen to your favorite tunes, things like homework and chores seem like less of a chore. That is because it helps us enhance our mood! Music also can motivate us to do more things; this is why I recommend wearing wireless headphones or headphones that don’t tangle wires while doing stuff around the house or office.

With these 10 things in mind, you will be able to listen for hours while getting things done.

Do Some Household Chores

Household Chores

The thing I love the most while listening to music is to complete my household chores. Let’s be honest; most of us have a lot of undone house chores piled up. Good music has a lot of power. It can instantly change a situation that feels dire into worthwhile work. If you have undone laundry, a kitchen to clean, or dishes to do, your work efficiency will increase dramatically.

And, the best thing is that you will do all this stuff in a good mood. So, instead of lying around on a free weekend, get some chores done with a piece of good music instead.

Do Some Workout & Exercise

Workout and Exercise

Everyone needs to do some exercise daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle and proper shape. Some people get bored while working out after a while, including me. That is when music comes in. Good music can instantly enhance your mood and motivate you to do some exercise. In such scenarios, loud and energetic music is recommended. It will feel like it gives extra power for more exercise. When the active bass hits your ear membrane, it boosts your enthusiasm for more reps of push-ups. If you get to enjoy your favorite music while doing some workouts, it is a win-win situation. What more could you want?

According to Reidhealth, music is a beneficial tool to use during exercises. However, it would help if you had excellent headphones suitable for workouts to enjoy a good experience.

Give Some Time To Your Pet

A man walking with a dog

Most of us own a pet. And, it is a common fact that pets require our attention and love. They are living beings that need our acceptance. So, if you are craving music, then it is the best time to play with your pets. If you have a cat or a parrot, play with them. Or, if you own a dog, now is the best time to take him for a walk. You can take your dog to a nearby park. Enjoy your favorite music with your dog walking beside you. After all, dogs is the man’s best friend.

Cook A Tasty Meal

A chef cooking

At the end of the day, what do we all like? Eat a tasty meal. Well, if you are craving music, put your playlist together and your headphones on and head straight for the kitchen. Cooking indeed gets boring after a while. But, let me tell you that music can change boredom into a valuable time. Talking about myself, I love listening to good music or an informative podcast while cooking for myself. You can also find specialized cooking playlists of services like Spotify or Youtube.

So, head down to the kitchen and serve yourself with a mutton curry with boiled rice and a nice soup.

Paint & Draw

A boy with a painting

What happens when you listen to music? You get sudden mood swings and get emotions & thoughts that seem to come from a different dimension. There are a lot of pictures and scenarios happening inside our minds, just like dreams. How good would it be to draw those imaginations on a canvas? Well, pull out a white canvas and start drawing with your favorite music pumping in your ears. You will end up with a collection of extraordinary drawings that you once imagined. Moreover, you might end up selling those drawings for a fortune, WHO KNOWS!

So, you try painting and drawing your mind out while listening to excellent music. And, for this specific scenario, I prefer listening to Lo-Fi music or any other music that changes my emotions.

Play Games

A Controller

If you are into video games, you can enjoy your favorite music while playing your favorite games. You will be able to get rid of all your frustrations on video game NPCs while enjoying your favorite games. Just start a competitive Call of Duty match and go on a rampage with a killing spree. So, next time you crave gaming or music, try this killer duo. Indeed, some people don’t like music while playing games. But, still, it can be an immersive experience. That is why you will find most streamers to have soft music playing in the background while gaming.

In such cases, suitable headphones for FPS games like CSGO are required, for a more immersive experience.

Take A Bath

A women taking a bath

How long has it been, when you took a relaxing bath? Now, maybe a perfect time to take a relaxing bath while adding soft music to it. Trust me; IT WILL BE A WORTHWHILE EXPERIENCE. A bath helps you loosen a bit and ease your pains, but adding music will only enhance the experience. It will help you improve your mood, get rid of frustrations from a busy day, stabilize your mental health, and provide a refreshing feel. However, ensure that you are using waterproof headphones and devices. You can also use portable speakers and place them away from the water, which is more recommended.

Read A Manga or Novel

A women reading a book

You must have watched movies or anime before. What makes those movies and anime exciting and interesting? An excellent background theme or music. Music can make a suspenseful scene horrifying and an action scene into an exciting part. According to Healthline, reading can have significantly favorable effects on your physical and mental health. So, next time you read a novel or a manga, try playing an excellent playlist from a more immersive experience. It will make you feel like watching a movie.

Do Some Gardening

A girl planting a tree

Who doesn’t love nature? Nature has given us all sorts of things. And, what have we presented to nature? In this era of climate change urgency, plants can have some effect on the pollution around us. Therefore, now might be a good time to plant some trees. Go straight for a garden, if you own one, and water your plants and trim the bushes. Do some gardening while listening to soft music will help you reduce stress. Just let nature help you. Music can also affect plants. A study shows that different genres of music can have effects on the health of plants, both positive & negative. So, be careful with that.

Study & Work

People Studying and Doing Work

Well, studying and work is boring. And, after some while, we feel like not doing it. If you have a big upcoming test and you can’t seem to stay focused. Soft music, especially Lo-Fi & classical music, can help you significantly. A study shows that good music can help you learn better, faster, and efficiently. It helps your brain stay active and productive. However. you may need good headphones for classical music.

Moreover, it also improves your muscle memory. Music can be a great tool to reduce stress during work and study sessions. So next time you are solving a complex mathematics problem or office task, try music. Some people may not like listening to music while studying. And, it does not work well with some people. Still, it is worth trying.


Music is a great tool to reduce stress and make challenging tasks easy. So, why not utilize these assets that are available easily. You might have seen by now that music can help significantly when it comes to productive work.

But, what most people fail to realize is that we waste a lot of time listening to music and doing nothing. That is why I felt a need to point out a few things you can try doing next you crave music. Things like workouts, chores, and dishes may stay undone. And, when they pile up, it becomes a huge task to complete. Therefore, make a daily or weekly schedule to complete those tasks while enjoying your favorite music.

Anyways, Be Productive & Creative.


Simon here is an audiophile that loves to try out new audio equipment and loves to listen to different genres of music. Being an active student of Audio Electronics, He is more than capable of discussing different elements of headphones. A Powerful Music Can Change The Tone Of Your Heart, That Is The Real Power Of Music.

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