AKG Pro Audio K702 Open-Back Headphone Review [NEW]

by Simon

AKG Pro Audio K702 is one of the top-performing open-back headphones that is used worldwide for Recording, Audio Mixing, Sound Making, and Gaming.

Listed on Amazon for the price of $229, these over-ear headphones are capable of satisfying all the qualities in that budget.

AKG Pro Audio K702 was first released on June 17, 2003, and yet still, they are one of the top-selling open-back and over-ear headphones out there in the market.

AKG Pro Audio K702 Overview

OverallSound QualityWirelessComfortBuildMicrophoneGamingMusicPortability
7.2 / 10
9.1/ / 10 9.1 / 10 8.9 / 10
7.9 / 10
6.9 / 10 7.5 / 10 9.9 / 10 7.1 / 10


  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Excellent Comfort
  • Excellent Sound Quality with Stereo Effect
  • Lightweight
  • Replaceable Cable and Earpads


  • Not Wireless
  • Does not have any microphone
  • Price is a little high

AKG Pro Audio K702 - Open-Back Headphone
AKG Pro Audio K702 - Open-Back Headphone

AKG Pro Audio K702 Open-Back Headphone Review

AKG's K702 is a Wired Open-Back Headphone that can be used for Gaming If paired with a good microphone. It is best used for Mixing and Audio Designing.

AKG Pro Audio K702 Open-Back Headphone Review [NEW]
AKG Pro Audio K702 Open-Back Headphone Review [NEW]


  • Headphone Type: Open back
  • Wearing Style: Over-ear
  • Audio Bandwidth (Hz): 10-39800Hz
  • Rated Impedance: 62Ohms
  • Headphone Sensitivity: 105 dB SPL/V
  • Headphone Jack: 3.5mm
  • Net weight: 235g
  • Cable: 3m
  • Manufacturing: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5

Sound Quality

For sound quality in general, AKG Pro Audio K702 has a flat, neutral and neat sound. The Lows, Mids, High, Treble, and Bass, are not that much-hyped up. They sound natural, and they the way the sound was recorded. However, there is no distortion of sound in all, Lows, Mids, and Highs.

The thing that makes AKG Pro K702 the best gaming open-back headphones is its excellent positional accuracy. You can locate the source of the audio very quickly without any directional problems.

AKG Pro K702 features a wide range of frequency responses that is 10 Hz to 39,800 Hz (which is more than what a human ear can hear), So you won't be going to get any problem in that range. The sound stage with these headphones is very appealing, especially for its price.

This headphone sounds exceptionally good even without any sound card or amplifier.


AKG Pro Audio K702 has really decent looking, good looks. The earcups are huge and fit around the whole ear. The arm attached to both earcups is of metal material. The headband is present right at the bottom of that arm. There is also a silver-colored ring bulged outside on the outside of both earcups.

The cable is attached at the bottom of the left earcup.


In terms of durability, AKG Pro K702 is very durable. Many users even claimed that they have been using them for five years, and they are still working fine for them.

The Headphone itself is very flexible and can withstand a lot of tension in its arms. The material used on these headphones is also durable, giving it another plus.

Moreover, the cable is also detachable, so that you can replace it if it gets damaged.


In general, The AKG Pro K702 is very comfortable. The very soft velvet material is used for padding the earcups, making them very comfortable. The headband is also made up of soft leather material, and it is auto adjustable.

There is no sense of pressure present both on the top head and ears. The earcups really clap well on the ears. You can even wear them with glasses without any discomfort.

If it is said that AKG Pro K702 is the best gaming headphone for big heads, it wouldn't be wrong because it can fit almost every head size properly. And not only that it can also fit properly on a small head, so you don't have to worry.

Also, you can wear these headphones for a long duration of time with comfort. But I would recommend wearing them for an extended period of time because it can negatively affect you.

Like AKG Pro Audio K702, HIFIMAN Deva is also one of the best open-back and over-earphones for gaming. You can check a detailed review of Hifiman Deva here.

The following are the few important features that should be cleared in this review.

Headphone Type

AKG Pro Audio K702 is an open-back and over-ear headphone. This means that the sound from the outside world can play inside the earcups and vice versa.

And by Over-ear, It means that the earcups of this headphone cover the whole ears of the users.

Frequency Response

AKG Pro K702 has a frequency response of 10 Hz to 39,800 Hz.


AKG Pro Audio K702 has a rated impedance of 62 ohms, which means a PC can power them up really easily without any sound card or amplifier. However, It can be difficult for Mobile devices to power them up easily.

Headphone Sensitivity

AKG Pro Audio K702 Has a Sensitivity of 105 dB SPL/V.

Headphone Jack and Cable

AKG Pro K702 features a detachable cable that uses a 3.5 mm jack for its connectivity. Which also gives versatility to use on various devices. The length of the cable included in the box is 3 meters.


AKG Pro K702 is a super lightweight headphone with a weight of almost 235 grams (only of headphones).

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they wireless headphones?

No, they are wired headphones; however, the wire can be detached and replaced.

Can I use them for gaming?

Yes, you should use them for your gaming, pair them with a good microphone, and you are good to go.

Are the earpads replaceable?

Yes, they are replaceable.

What is the quality of their Bass?

This headphone is not bass boosted. It just gives the normal and natural Bass.

Conclusion on AKG Pro Audio K702 Headphone Review

In conclusion, I would say that AKG Pro K702 can be used for gaming and studio-based work. They are one of the best top-selling headphones out there with all the features that a top-notch and expensive headphone offers. AKG Pro K702 is the best budget to open back gaming headphones.

For gaming, You can pair them with good a good microphone, and you are good to do anything, whether it is gaming or studio-based word. I would recommend getting these headphones.

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